At Seascape Hotel you’re just moments away from Gracebay’s finest boutiques and shops.

Turks and Caicos shopping can be an adventure and you’ll never know what you may find. In recent years there’s been a great increase in boutique Turks and Caicos arts and crafts, designer fashion, handmade jewelry, and accessories. These locally manufactured items have a much better connection to the islands. A good example is the jewelry made here, which incorporates Turks and Caicos sea glass, beach sand, and conch or is cast in silver from moulds made from native seashells.

The retail and dining district of Grace Bay is largely found along a short distance of Grace Bay Road. Two adjacent plazas, the Regent Village and the Saltmills Plaza, are the center of most activity and are located just around the corner from Seascape.


  1. Graceway Gourmet
  2. The Regent Village
  3. Graceway IGA
  4. The Saltmills
  5. Shops of Ports of Call
  6. Grace Bay Pharmacy